Xeine Internship Program

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Our Courses

Business analytics

1. Big data solutions
2. Microstrategy
3. Qlikview
4. tableau
5. jasper soft


1. Business component development using EJB
2. Implementing JSF , Hibernate and spring in java EE applications
3. Advanced java programming for web development
4. Testing java applications using Junit
5. Programming in java

Dot Net

1. Web Application development using ASP.NET
2. Developing and Deploying cloud Applications on MS Azure
3. HTML 5 programming
4. Object oriented programming using C#
5. RDBMS Essentials and T-SQL Programming

Mobile App

1. Developing mobile Apps for android platforms
2. Developing windows store application using C#
3. windows store app development using C#

Automation testing

1. Selenium
2. QTP